Began his illustrious education in violin, viola, piano, Electone, and classic composition from the age of 3 years old, performing live at countless events. His interest in minimal and modern styles of music blossomed at the age of 15, and he subsequently devoted himself to a career in music. On top of his active work as a DJ, he started crafting a parallel career at the age of 27, establishing Mr. Fusion and hosting programming classes throughout Japan. Through programming that expresses his vision, "Spreading the power to create," he demonstrates examples of programming art and sound installations from around the world.His work as a techno DJ can be witnessed live at CONTACT at Tokyo. 


New Release

Japanese techno label algorithm from Tokyo, Japan. 
The concept is to process Japanese sounds such as Japanese musical instruments, drums, and shamisen as elements of techno sounds, and incorporate melody from Japanese festivals and gagaku into techno. Delivering the eastern fruit techno like in the Edo period, we challenge the integration of European culture and Japanese culture.



New Movie

CONTACT, TOKYO 23.03.2019 Accutron#08 × Reboot CONTACT, TOKYO 06.01.2018 Accutron#05